Пеликан бланк заказа

пеликан бланк заказа

Example: projects, resume, profile … These templates need to use DIRECT_TEMPLATES setting. WITH_FUTURE_DATES = True If disabled, content with dates in the future will get a default status of draft. There can be a waiting period until an inmate can begin to attend school or be assigned to a job. For example: [«.hg», «.git», «.bzr»] JINJA_EXTENSIONS = [] A list of any Jinja2 extensions you want to use. JINJA_FILTERS = {} A dictionary of custom Jinja2 filters you want to use. For example, to avoid processing .html files, set: READERS = {‘html’: None}. To add a custom reader for the foo extension, set: READERS = {‘foo’: FooReader} IGNORE_FILES = [‘.#*’] A list of glob patterns. Note that even when using cached content, all output is always written, so the modification times of the generated *.html files will always change. See Plugins. SITENAME = ‘A Pelican Blog’ Your site name SITEURL Base URL of your website. Use this when you don’t want the last page to only contain a handful of articles. DEFAULT_PAGINATION = False The maximum number of articles to include on a page, not including orphans. Most inmates donate their books to the library, etc. Fix an issue when parsing non-string URLs from settings.

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