Новый бланк на патент 2013

Americans paid an extra $5 billion for cars. First-to-file becomes effective March 16, 2013, but good reason exists to consider planning for this change now. Many companies make it a standard practice to not assign the invention to themselves until after the pre-grant application is published to maintain some degree of stealth. You might present a problem that could use a new, improved solution, such as reaching something from a tall shelf or storing recyclables. The “pinch to zoom” on a touch screen device, a patent so famous it’s referred to as “the Steve Jobs,” was recently declared invalid! Perhaps the AIA’s most publicized reform is the change of the U.S. first-to-invent system to a first-to-file (i.e., first-inventor-to-file) system. Early on the company shutdown their commercial banking operation to avoid being labeled as a commercial bank andburdened by banks’ federal regulations.

PBS: Tesla Master of Lightning: Who Invented Radio?

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